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Osma village

Osma, in the north of Valdegovía, it is the last village of Álava surrounded by the River Tumecillo.

The village centre is located close to Sierra de Arkamo, natural border between the western extreme of Álava and Burgos. On the other hand, you can visit the Orau Cave where post-palaeolithic cave paintings were discovered (dated from 1934).

The village has as artistic heritage the Hermitage of Santa María possesses a peculiar, austere façade with an entrance in the form of a lintel arch. Inside the hermitage are strange wall paintings with various motifs covering the entire.

The parish church dedicated to Santa María occupies a topmost position next to the country lane leading to the Sanctuary at Angosto via Astulez and Caranca.

Osma is a small farming village with Atlantic weather mixed with continental nuances due to its location in the southern slope of the Basque mountains.

The vegetation is very lush and green where oaks, holm oaks and beeches predominate.

Osma, Álava
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