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Surrounding Osma you will find:

Salinas de Añana, stated Cultural Heritage and Historical Monument, it is the most ancient village of Álava (code of laws of 1140). Its landscape, economy and history have been linked to its salt springs' exploitation.

Varonas' Tower (Villanañe) is the best-preserved fortified building of Álava. This architectural building from the Varona's lineage has military nature, showing most of the defensive elements of the medieval fortifications. It is composed by a tower (fourteenth-fifteenth century) with buildings for the guards' vigilance, small windows and a palace.

Monte Santiago, located in the northeastern extreme of Burgos . With an amazing rocky amphitheatre composed by Sierra Salvada calcareous crests and where a cascade of more than 300 metres flows, source of River Nervión.


Beaches predominate but you can also found midland hawthorn, holm oak, common yew, Pyrenean oak and natural meadows.

Regarding the fauna, some of the animals found are the lion vulture, golden eagle and the snake chaser vulture, falcon, roe deer, wild boar, squirrel, otter and wildcat. It is an important bird migration area.

The Monastery of Valpuesta was, for almost three hundred years, not only one of the most prosperous in the north of Spain, also it was the regulatory centre of other churches and monasteries, scouting party of the Reconquest, and centre of agricultural exploitation by the people of the area.


The Museum of Water in Sobrón is placed in the chapel of an ancient spa. Its origin is the Ebro , river that has created its amazing landscape, and the therapeutic waters of its two springs that gush from the soil at a temperature of more than 20º.

The park of adventure in Sobrón, it is a unique place in the heart of Álava where every day is special. There, you can live big adventures between tyrolean traverse, Tibetan bridges, climbing walls, etc. Adapted for the family, they offer you instructors, swimming pools, vehicles and all you can imagine to live a great day.

The Botanic Garden of Santa Catalina in the ruins of the palace-convent with the same name (eighteenth and nineteenth century) surrounded by a deteriorated rock wall, contains the ruins of an ancient palace, convent and church as well as the rests of ancient labour terraces.


Valderejo Natural Reserve hidden by the mountainous arch formed by the rocks of Lerón ( 1,240 m ), Carria ( 1,130 m .) and Vallegrull ( 1,226 m ) and under their impressive scarps presents a varied forest of beeches and holm oaks in high areas and of pinewoods, brushes and meadows in low areas.

In the reserve, around 200 species of vertebrate animals, mainly birds, such us the black store, the bearded vulture , the eagle, the lion vulture, the falcon and the marsh harrier have their habitat. Interest points of the route that starts in Lalastra, are the Ruins of Villamardones, the Hermitage of San Lorenzo, the Summit of Vallegrull and the viewpoint called El Cubo (birdwatching place). Valderejo was declared Natural Reserve in 1992.

Orduña Spa. This spa recalls one story or tradition, combined with the modernity and quality of its facilities where everything is thought to help you to take a break from your everyday activities.


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